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How We Work

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We strive to create content that balances enlightenment and entertainment.

Our mission is to share stories behind the voices of the non-traditional. We love the thrill of unveiling undiscovered worlds and characters... And developing them into a binge-worthy (possibly even a bit cringe-worthy) series. 

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In non-fiction casting, our team strives to find real people with personalities and stories that audiences will never forget.


Series, Digital, Editorial, Commercial & Branded


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Are you a business or individual wanting to establish your presence on your website or social media? 

We're storytellers who can help you through video production.

Blue Skies


Development is a balance of creativity and patience. We strive to develop content and source undiscovered talent that will entertain and enlighten audiences.

Let's create something great!


Development help needed!

We work with both independent producers and full-scale production companies who have an idea, concept, or log line that just needs more research.


Perhaps you need proof of casting or want some insight into a particular world - we got you!


Our deliverable will include all the elements and research you need.

Of course, these are really guidelines.

Let’s discuss your project’s specific needs.

Wanna Be Famous?

Do you have a story the world should know about? Are you a personality like no other? Will your story bring comic relief to someone’s day? Can you challenge the way someone thinks or approaches life?


Will your story inspire an audience to act, to change the way a viewer lives their day-to-day life for the better? 


We want to hear from you!

Blue Skies


We pride ourselves on casting real people. We cast unscripted series, commercial, branded content, and editorial across linear, digital and emerging platforms. 

With a bit of pixie dust (and the magic of technology), our team has grown into a beautiful web of casting professionals across the country. No matter what your project asks, we'll structure the perfect team to cast, edit, and deliver all through a streamlined system.

Guess what?! We love open casting calls! Seriously. Hire us to create and run an open casting call for you. We’ll get everyone on tape and manage all data, everything from a to z- streamline it all through us. And yes, all open casting calls follow COVID-19 safety precautions. 


We cast your entire project.


We hire and oversee the casting team (we have a stellar network of casting gurus), create the infrastructure, deliver on dates, create one-sheets, casting tapes, manage paperwork-> we bring your show to life before you’re on set!


And yes, we’re still around even after we connect the cast to production. #WeCare

we cast it all

...and we cast it well!

Ensemble Casts

Dating shows

Game show contestants

Real People






...and so much more!

Quick castings

If you’re on a tight timeline then you need a talk show booker casting your project - quick turnaround is in our blood!


But don’t worry, a quick turnaround does not mean an inferior casting.


Outreach, casting tapes, one-sheets, pixie dust - we got you. 

Blue Skies


Unscripted casting and development is driven by real people and authentic stories. 

In development, we produce concept sizzles, pitch decks and treatments to convey a story. In casting, we produce casting interviews, edits and write up one-sheets that bring a show to life. 

As a Producer and Storyteller, Jenna applies these same concepts to businesses, brands and individuals that want to tell their story through the power of video. 

Video Content will help you reach new demographics while engaging your current audience.


Get It On Tape


Selling a product?

Offering a service?

Consumer internet traffic is driven by video! If you own a business, you need video content.

We'll help you tell your story.

Don't want to show your face? That's okay!


From working professionals to  media influencers, every person has a story to tell. 

We'll help you tell the story of who you are to help you relate to audiences. 

Social Media Planning

We'll help you stragetize what kind of content to post on your social media channels. 

We'll also help ensure you're engaging with your current audience and reaching the new audience you want.