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need help with casting outreach?
we got you.

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Sometimes you're on a show and you just need a little help with outreach. That's why I created "The Sunday Scroll", my weekly round-up of unscripted casting notices (that I send out every Sunday). Because we're all in this together :)

Thousands of people have signed up to receive these notices (in all 50 states and beyond!). Real people, working professionals, actors - anyone can sign up to receive my notices. I'm confident this will prove helpful to your casting!

I have a certain esthetic look that I like to keep consistent for every flyer included. 

You may have to tweak your flyer just a bit, but it will be worth it!

Click here to view a sample flyer(and see below).

You may want to crop or re-arrange your flyer before sending it to me - you can send me a few options and I'll use the best one!

... and fill out the Google Form with the requested information. 

Let get booked!
xo jen